Eureka Springs

Just back from at trip to Eureka Springs (Arkansas) together with my wife and in-laws. My wife Kyrie’s brother, Brian joined us in Eureka Springs.  I had heard a lot about the place from my wife, who’s most important memories of the place, are of the “Frog Store” a store with thousands of frog items in stock, together with a very impressive museum of frogs – My wife has had a (big) thing for frogs since her early childhood.  Very unfortunately we discovered that the store has closed, although only in part, but the museum has been packed away in storage, and are not likely to see daylight again as a single collection.

The city of Eureka Springs – apart from the hundreds, maybe even thousands of bikers (and their very loud motorcycles) that frequent it – is very charming, it can be compared a little to Margaret River in West Australia. It is a tourist town though and though, but apart from it’s interesting location giving it it’s nickname “little Switzerland” it also has a life and atmosphere that seems very genuine.

On the way back to Kansas City we came across this abandoned farm house: