In the States with my wife to surprise my father-in-law on his 60th birthday. The poor guy had no clue, and seeing his daughter walk up to him at his surprise party... well he has a reputation to protect, so I won’t go into details, suffice to say that I can report a complete success!

I’m hoping to get some photo-time in on this trip, but time again I’m faced with logistics problems. Normally they can always be resolved, when or if I express the importance  but time and time again it seems a struggle – if nothing else then on my part to communicate the desire to just being able to take off at any given moment, or to stop and concentrate on a shoot. Since we are so often in the States my wife and I have been talking about getting a car of our own, so we have something to drive in when here, without having to worry about the inconvenience we bring others in borrowing wheels.